International Baptist Church at Dumaguete is an independent, fundamental, friendly, loving, and kind Baptist church located in Pulangtubig on the National Highway very close to the Dumaguete/Sibulan airport.

Video Training Series

International Baptist Church at Dumaguete is a teaching ministry.  We believe that Jesus Christ’s Commission is “GREAT” and that we are to fulfill it.  We are told to “teach all nations.”  We are further told that we are to be “teaching them to observe all things” that Jesus commanded us.  Our number one goal is to introduce non-believers to Jesus Christ so that they too may know their sins are forgiven and that they can have peace with God.  However, that is not enough, we must equip the Christian.  We work hard to mature babes in Christ into fervent servants of God.  We have a world to reach with the Gospel, and we have a Book from God called the Bible that must be preached and taught.  These videos are here to help our members, and others, to grow in their knowledge and understanding of Scripture.


International Baptist Church Video Training Series - The Lord's Supper

Video Lesson on The Lord's Supper Observance

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