International Baptist Church at Dumaguete is an independent, fundamental, friendly, loving, and kind Baptist church located in Pulangtubig on the National Highway very close to the Dumaguete/Sibulan airport.

Our Pastoral Staff

The pastoral staff of International Baptist Church is well-trained and experienced to help you and your family to grow closer together as you grow closer to God.  Each member of our staff bring unique gifts and talents to our church family to help meet the needs of all who walk through our doors and become part of our membership.  Children are well cared for by our Children’s Pastor, Mike Morrissey.  Our Youth Pastor, Jason MacRae, has a heart for young people and works to provide practical Bible lessons and activities for both our high-school aged and college-aged young people.

Stan Lawrenson teaches our adult Sunday school class and performs other valuable duties at International Baptist Church.  These men, together, assist Pastor Randy DeMoville, in ministering to the needs of those in our congregation.  We invite you to click on the names of our staff men to learn more about them.  However, we invite you to come and personally meet them at International Baptist Church.

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