Prayer - God's Open Invitation - Sermon Series at International Baptist Church at Dumaguete

Join us Sunday evening at 4:30pm!

Pastor DeMoville will begin a new series of sermons on Sunday evenings related to the topic of “prayer.”  You are invited to join us for our services as we learn about God’s open invitation to His people to approach Him, meet with Him, and make their requests made known to Him.

The great sacrifice of Jesus Christ was not to give you a home in Heaven.  It was to restore your fellowship with God the Father.  Though Jesus has gone to prepare a place for believers, He does not make us wait until we get to Heaven to develop the relationship that is ours to have with the Father.  He not only removed the obstacles that keep us from coming near to God, but He invites us to come.  This great benefit to the children of God is neglected and it must be understood and practiced if we are ever going to accomplish anything worthwhile.

This would be a great time to start attending another service at International Baptist Church.