International Baptist Church at Dumaguete is an independent, fundamental, friendly, loving, and kind Baptist church located in Pulangtubig on the National Highway very close to the Dumaguete/Sibulan airport.

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Prayer - God's Open Invitation - Sermon Series at International Baptist Church at Dumaguete

New Sermon Series on Prayer

Prayer - God's Open Invitation - Sermon Series at International Baptist Church at Dumaguete

Join us Sunday evening at 4:30pm!

Pastor DeMoville will begin a new series of sermons on Sunday evenings related to the topic of “prayer.”  You are invited to join us for our services as we learn about God’s open invitation to His people to approach Him, meet with Him, and make their requests made known to Him.

The great sacrifice of Jesus Christ was not to give you a home in Heaven.  It was to restore your fellowship with God the Father.  Though Jesus has gone to prepare a place for believers, He does not make us wait until we get to Heaven to develop the relationship that is ours to have with the Father.  He not only removed the obstacles that keep us from coming near to God, but He invites us to come.  This great benefit to the children of God is neglected and it must be understood and practiced if we are ever going to accomplish anything worthwhile.

This would be a great time to start attending another service at International Baptist Church.

Tickets on sale Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - P300/couple

Get Your Tickets Today!

International Baptist Church will be hosting a Married Couples Banquet on Friday, February 17, 2012, at 6:00pm.  Tickets for this special event are only P300 per couple.  See Bro. Stan Lawrenson to purchase your ticket.  This will be a special evening with Pastor & Mrs. DeMoville and other married couples.  Enjoy a special meal, special music, and an encouraging program that will be a blessing to your marriage.

International Baptist Church Street Sign


Today was an incredible day at International Baptist Church at Dumaguete.  We broke all of our records.  Every Sunday school class attendance was broken, our church service was the best attended since our beginning and we had more baptisms today than any previous Sunday.  38 souls followed the Lord in baptism today!  We’ve already seen baptized within the first three weeks of 2012, 26% of the number of baptisms for all of 2011.  God is still working in Dumaguete!  This video was created to show what God has done with us in our first year!  Enjoy.

IBC 1-Year Birthday Party

Come Sing Happy Birthday!

We’re calling on anyone and everyone who has ever visited International Baptist Church at Dumaguete, or has ever thought about visiting, to join us on this coming Sunday, January 15, 2012, as we celebrate our one-year anniversary with a BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY!  We want you to join us as we sing “Happy Birthday” and enjoy some birthday cake with ice cream.  There will be games and contests and a whole lot of fun!

Everyone in Dumaguete is invited to join us for this special occasion!  We hope to see you.  The party begins with Sunday school at 9:00am.

Tickets on sale Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - P300/couple

2012 Married Couples Banquet

Tickets on sale Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - P300/couple

Plan now to attend this year’s Married Couples Banquet on Friday, February 17.  The banquet will begin at 6:00pm and will include music, a program, and meal.  The theme for the banquet is “My Beloved.”  Come enjoy a wonderful evening together with your beloved.  This is a great opportunity to spend some time with your spouse in a great setting as Pastor DeMoville encourages you to strengthen your marriage.


Happy New Year

As we wake up to a brand new year, I want to encourage you to take the time to:

1. Consider what God taught you in 2011.
2. Ask God to direct your steps in 2012.
3. Decide to follow His direction.

Often heard is the phrase, “God works in mysterious ways.” Although it is true that His ways are above our ways, and that we cannot fully comprehend all there is to know about God, He has, through His Word, given us ways to be sure of His leading.

1. He has given us His Word. He will never lead you to do something that violates Scripture.

2. He has given you His Spirit. He will teach you the Word of God, the Bible, and guide you in the way you should go, give you the words you should speak, and strengthen you to obey God’s commands.

3. He has given the church pastors and teachers. You need to be in church to hear what is being taught, and to use your pastor as an adviser.

You cannot sincerely decide to follow God’s direction if you neglect any of these three things God has given you to know and understand His leading.

My desire for you is that you will truly have a “Happy and Prosperous New Year,” God’s way.

Pastor DeMoville


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