International Baptist Church at Dumaguete is an independent, fundamental, friendly, loving, and kind Baptist church located in Pulangtubig on the National Highway very close to the Dumaguete/Sibulan airport.

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IBC Dumaguete - 9-Month Celebration

Results & Photos of 9-Month Celebration

IBC Dumaguete - 9-Month Celebration

Hearing the Gospel and receiving Christ as Saviour!

Sunday, October 16, 2011, marked 9 months since the start of International Baptist Church at Dumaguete. God blessed our day in an incredible way. We did not break an attendance record, however we still had the highest service and day of baptisms in our church’s young 9-month history. How exciting it is to be part of a church were the people are faithful soul winners. Photos from the day are in our photo gallery for you to enjoy. Thank you IBC members for your hard work and dedication!

Celebrate our 9-months of International Baptist Church at Dumaguete

Come Celebrate 9-Months of IBC!

Sunday, October 16, 2011, will mark 9 months since International Baptist Church opened her doors in Dumaguete.  All are invited to come and spend this special day with us.  As a small token of our gratitude for everyone that comes for this special event, we will be giving 1-kilo of rice to each family in attendance Sunday morning.  Be sure you come to Sunday school which starts at 9am, followed by our Sunday morning service at 10am.

For our church members who bring a visitor, high-school age and above, they will be entered into a “greased pig chase.”  You wont want to miss the fun in watching someone try to catch the pig and win the P1,000 prize.

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