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Photos from the Missions Conference

He Saved Others - Himself He Did Not Save

Group singning, "He Saved Others," the theme song for the conference written by Pastor DeMoville and Mrs. MacRae.

The 1st Annual Missions Conference at International Baptist Church at Dumageute was wonderful as we enjoyed great singing, preaching, food, and decisions for the Lord.  Many made decisions to “save others” instead of “saving self.”  Young men surrendered to God’s call on their life to be preachers or missionaries.

International Baptist Church responded well to the teaching on Faith Promise Giving as we took up our first commitments!  God is at work and we are excited to be a part.  View photos from these special days!

9-Month Celebration Service at International Baptist Church at Dumageute

9-Month Celebration Service – October 16, 2011

Everyone is invited to join International Baptist Church at Dumaguete for our 9-month celebration on October 16, 2011.  Each family in attendance will receive a 1-kilo bag of rice as a “thank you” for taking part in our special day.  Each person who brings a first-time visitor to the service will be entered into our “PIG CHASE” where the winner of the greased pig contest will receive P1,000!

Come join in on the fun as we celebrate 9-months of ministry in Dumaguete!


Great Start to “He Saved Others” Missions Conference

Last night we had a wonderful start to International Baptist Church’s 1st annual missions conference.  Pastor Gilbert Toquero, of La Loma Baptist Church in Quezon City, did a great job delivering a powerful message.  We are thankful for his joining us for the conference and for bringing his dear wife with him.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship, after the service, with our guest speaker and visiting missionaries.

I am looking forward to tonight’s service where we will, once again, hear Pastor Toquero preach.  God is already using the conference and we trust He will continue to work in the hearts of everyone in attendance to “save others.”  The opening song for each of the services was written for this conference.  The following is video taken of the song as it was sung last night.

[hdplay id=3]

Link: He-Saved-Others-Missions-Conference-Opening-Song

He Saved Others - 1st Annual Missions Conference


Although the 1st Annual Missions Conference doesn’t begin until this Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m., we unofficially kick things off this Sunday morning.  Pastor DeMoville and Mrs. MacRae have written a song and music to match our conference theme, “He Saved Others.”  This song will be the opening song for each service beginning this Sunday morning through the end of the conference the following Sunday night.  You’ll want to be here to hear the mixed group sing this song with a powerful message.

This Sunday we will have missionary to Panama, Ruel Barbaso, as our special guest.  Our high-school students and our adults will join together for Sunday school to hear him teach.  Everyone is invited back for the evening service to hear Missionary Barbaso present his work to us.   Bro. Barbaso will be with us for the conference as well.

Be sure you are here on time each evening this week for the conference as the services will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. with the opening song and prayer.  Preaching on Wednesday and Thursday will be by our special guest speaker, Pastor Gilbert Toquero of the La Loma Baptist Church in Quezon City, and Pastor DeMoville on Friday through Sunday.  We are expecting great things as a result of the Holy Spirit working through the teaching and preaching.

Be here this Sunday as we kick things off unofficially and then again on Wednesday for the conference itself!  If you have not yet registered, please do so right away!

Faith to Faith - Examples in Faith to Faith by Example - Bible Study Series

Faith to Faith – New Wednesday Bible Study

Beginning Wednesday, September 7, 2011, Pastor DeMoville will begin teaching a new Bible-study series entitled, “Faith to Faith – Examples in Faith to Faith by Example.”  This would be a great time for all church members who are not already attending our mid-week Bible study at 6:30 p.m. to begin.  Pastor will be teaching on the importance of faith in your daily life by using great examples of men and women from the Bible and showing how that as they are an example to us, we must use our faith to be an example to those who follow us.

This will be an exciting time for you to have your faith challenged and increased as we hear the Word of God taught faithfully each week.  Especially as we are in our Missions Month, faith must be understood and practiced by all believers!  Be here this Wednesday evening and every Wednesday evening as we open the Bible and are fed by the Spirit of God through its pages.

2011 Missions Conference - HE SAVED OTHERS - International Baptist Church at Dumaguete

Missions Month is Here!

September is Missions Month at International Baptist Church!  It starts this Sunday, September 4, 2011, with guest missionary Felix Armah.  Bro. Armah is a missionary to the people of Ghana, West Africa, and he will be teaching Sunday school to our high school and adults.  You’ll want to be back for our evening service as he shares with our church his ministry.

On Sunday, September 18, 2011, we will have missionary to Panama, Ruel Barbaso.  Likewise, you’ll want to be here to listen to him speak in Sunday school as well as present his ministry to us in the evening service.

September 21 through 25, will the 1st Annual Missions Conference at International Baptist Church.  Our theme this year is “He Saved Others – Himself He Did Not Save.”  Pastor Gilbert Toquero, of the La Loma Baptist Church in Quezon City will be our guest speaker for part of the conference.  Pastor DeMoville will be closing out the conference which includes a special Faith Promise Workshop on Saturday afternoon.  Everyone who is registered for the conference will be able to enjoy both a lunch and dinner on Saturday of the conference.

Here for our conference will also be missionaries, Leo Balanzo to Indonesia, and Roy Tagarda to Thailand.  Both missionaries will be speaking in Sunday school; Bro. Balanzo to the high school and adult classes, and Bro. Tagarda to the children.

IBC members will want to be in the Sunday services as we take up our Faith Promise commitments for the next year.  This will be an exciting time as we announce the results in our evening service as we close out our conference.  This is an exciting time to be part of International Baptist Church and you will want to be here for all that is taking place!

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